History about the OFA

Warm Welcome to the Oxfordshire Filipino Association (OFA)

The Oxfordshire Filipino Association promotes friendship, fun to mem­bers and encourages integration in to British society where we now live, while at the same time it provides joy, laughter and understanding of Fili­pino culture.

We desire to promote good family-relationships and to make use of our God given talents. We encourage Filipinos’ to play their full role in British society for the benefit of all.

We acknowledge with much gratitude, the support of our sponsors and many members who give their time and effort voluntarily, which is crucially important to the Association’s development and success.

We thank all because without you we would have achieved less so I say thank you very much .

Let us have a fun day that we can cherish and remember.

Letitia Hay

President of the OFA (2011/2012

A brief history of the OFA is being compiled at the moment from Some of the oldest OFA members going back as far as the 1970’s

Some history behind the creation of the OFA back on the 4th May 1987.

10 families & 4 “singles” (22 adults + 9 children altogether) gathered at Boy & Maggie’s house on the 4th May 1987 to form the Oxfordshire Filipino Association or OFA.

As a reminder, these are the names of the “ORIGINAL MEMBERS”

(As written in the OFA Minutes of Meeting on 4th May 1987):
1, 2       Boy & Maggie CHUNGTUYCO + 2 children
3           Rey FLORALDE + 1 child
4, 5       Clive & Imelda WILSON + 1 child
6.          Melanie FINLAY
7, 8       Bob & Marcy GLENDENNING
9, 10     Glyn & Aida REES
11, 12   Dave & Betty TRANTER
13         Roger PRICE
14, 15   Nick & Bing MILLS + 2 children
16, 17   Lloyd & Mer MOORE + 1 child
18, 19   Keith & Zielfa MASLIN + 1 child
20, 21   Ian & Mari GEORGE + 1 child
22         Ruben ORIJUELA

Note: My brother, Dr. EDWIN EMBORGO was also at the original meeting but declined to be a member as he was just visiting Oxford. He was in fact, the one who first met Maggie, Boy & Mer at M&S Oxford in Dec 1986/January 1987 and encouraged Nick & me to join the meeting at Boy & Maggie’s house (in Blackbird Leys, Oxford) to form the OFA.

We have since then attracted hundreds of members, at one year numbering to more than 200 (those who paid the membership fee)! We still welcome new members and some, if not all of us, are still hoping that OFA will continue for many more years.

Our children have grown, in fact, some of the “original young members” like Debbie, Lynette, Pippa & Hazel have now all got married and have children. The younger children of those early years (Caroline, Hazel, Nicola, Stephanie, etc) are now also beautiful young ladies and are either in college or have already left school. Well…….. So many memories….. I could almost write a book”!

This information originated from Evelyn (Bing) Mills 2007