Meeting Minutes

The members and invited guests of the OFA meet on a regular basis to discuss the operations of the OFA that helps the Filipino Community in Oxfordshire and also to discuss and plan Filipino Community events which of course everyone is invited to attend and participate in.

Next OFA Meeting will be: TBA

Please note that the OFA meetings are only for OFA members and invited guests.


How to Conduct Meetings

  • Anyone who wishes to talk must address the presiding officer.
  • Once acknowledged by the presiding officer, one may begin to talk.
  • Nobody else should talk while someone is talking.
  • Everyone must listen to the one talking.
  • When unable to understand somebody’s point of view, one can request for clarification. (Waiting to be acknowledged by the presiding officer may take time, but waiting for one’s turn to speak enables smooth flow of ideas as there is no interference.)
  • When one realizes he/she has hurt someone’s feelings it will help restore harmonious relationship by acknowledging he/she has ‘overstepped’ and then express apologies.
  • In case a heated argument occurs, cooler heads should prevail by keeping calm.
  • The presiding officer can declare a recess for a few minutes (e.g. 15 minutes) to allow tempers to cool down.
  • An organisation is only as good as the kind of relationships that exist in the ranks.
  • To keep an organisation going, let us maintain polite behaviour to everyone including those we do not personally like.